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      About BLW

      BLW is a symbol in the synthetic leather industry. By virtue of more than 16 years of passion and experience with professional technology and an artisan process by ourselves, BLW creates the most enhanced fabrics on the market – intelligently crafted for a global tomorrow.

      BLW is a company specializing in the engineering and manufacturing of the highest quality polyurethane fabrics on the market.

      Our certified manufacturing facility allows us the ability to develop unique products to specification and to deliver globally. We leverage this strength from servicing markets as diverse as automotive and aviation, to contract, healthcare and hospitality. At its core, BLW strives to establish successful long-term relationships with clients by providing them with an unmatched quality of product and service.

      Our markets

      BLW products are sold all over the world, it’s especially welcome on the market of Southeast Asia, Europe, North America and HK. With its practicality and flexibility, you can find our products almost everywhere in your life.

      Automotive and Transportation

      Furniture and Bedding


      Building and Construction

      Other Appliances

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